Atheist Ten Commandments

1 — Determine what is really moral by trusting your own mind.

2 — It is time that the discrimination against humanist and atheist is eliminated.

3 — Don’t buy into any authoritarian belief.

4 — Know that the more educated you are, the more likely you are a non-believer.

5 — Rely on Studies and readily observable evidence and keep questioning everything.

6 — Question if religious education improves morality.

7 — Don’t believe in anything that violates the laws of nature.

8 — Question all books be they Bibles, history or science books!

9 — Become as moral as possible and be concerned for the welfare of other now and in the future.

10 — Read and understand the Atheist and Humanist Ten Commandments.

by Paul O’Brien

I felt it was entertaining and worthy of my first post. It might change latter, it might not.


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