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Wierd dream…

I was a gremlin, and I was ordered to be killed by this guy who owned the castle I was in, and this chick who looked like Malificent gave me an evil look and chased after me. Apparently, I had the power of invisibility, so I turned invisible and ran around the castle. At this time, though, everyone in the castle knew I was there, and they were all pretty damn good at knowing how to find invisible gremlins. So I ran some more after almost being caught by this ginger-haired lady in a white wedding dress, and I sneaked out a glass door to the courtyard of the castle. This one crazy girl with a bunch of superpowers chases after me, and I run towards these ice sculptures of the Malificent-like lady and I hold onto the ice sculptures. The girl stops chasing me and realizes that the Malificent lady must be my mother, and so she felt bad for me and we sat there and she talked to me about her own problems, and then I woke up. o_o